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I will edit your tracks to make them ready for mixing.  Track Editing services include Noise Reduction, Timing/Quantizing, Gain Staging, Vocal Comping, and Vocal Edits (tuning, breaths, de-essing). You'll receive edited 24-bit WAV files to put back in your mix, or I'll incorporate them for you if I'm mixing your song.

I will mix your song in its intended direction, develop the groove, and emphasize its most important elements.  I'll balance your mix's frequencies, ensure it has appropriate depth, and provide  stereo panorama, ambience, dynamics, and effects to make it even more special. You'll receive a ready-to-master 24-bit WAV file for the final mix and any alternative mixes or stems you care to purchase.

I will master your song in reference to a pro mix in your genre, or one you provide.  I'll accentuate your song’s qualities, and bring it to a commercially loud volume for the desired distribution formats. You'll receive WAV and MP3 files for each mastered song (AIFF or FLAC formats also available as you desire). I will master any stems or alternative mixes you purchase.

Editing Rates
Mixing Rates
Mastering Rates
I will provide up to five free revisions per Service (Editing, Mixing, Mastering), after which they're $25/revision.  However, I will do unlimited revisions on any package deal when you hire me through SoundBetter.com.