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FAQ - General

  1. What types of music do you Edit, Mix & Master?  Pop, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Adult Contemporary, Orchestral, Country, A Capella Vocals. I can handle pretty much anything except Heavy Metal, Rap, or Hip Hop.

  2. Do you have Samples of your work I can listen to?  Sure. There are some “Before & After” examples on the “Samples” page of this website, and you can check out the Fair Winds and Christmas albums at www.johnmgraham.com which I produced and also edited, mixed, and mastered.

  3. How long can my tracks/songs be?  Songs don’t need to be a specific length. The average song length of a Pop song or one you might hear on the radio is about three and half minutes. Cover song licensing can cost more if a song is more than five minutes long. But you have to ask yourself, “Who is my target  audience?”  Would your fans listen to and enjoy an eight-minute song, or would they rather hear a radio-ready hit?  As for my editing, mixing, and mastering services, my prices are the same regardless of song or track length.

  4. How do I contact/hire/pay for your services? You can engage me one of two ways – through SoundBetter.com (preferred method) at the following link:  https://soundbetter.com/profiles/27041-john-graham or using the Job Request Form on the “Get Started” page of this True Balance website which shows up in my inbox at truebalancemix@gmail.com.  Once you contact me, we need to stick with that method for the duration of your job.

    • Let’s talk about SoundBetter first. There are lots of good reasons to hire me through the SoundBetter service, not the least of which is the fact that I provide unlimited revisions on any package deal when you hire me through SoundBetter.  And here are some others:

      • First – Security.  When you pay through SoundBetter, you are safe. To start the job you pre-fund it to SoundBetter, and the service will release payment to me when you are happy. This enables me to get started, but you control when payment is released.  I know that you will be reviewing me at the end of a job paid through SoundBetter and my reputation depends on it. This gives me extra incentive to make sure you are satisfied.

      • Second - Trust & Support.  When you pay SoundBetter you have a trusted company with a reputation that helps with your project. If something goes wrong in working with me or if you have a question, you can contact SoundBetter anytime at team@soundbetter.com or at +1-888-734-4358.

      • Third – Convenience.  With SoundBetter you can pay me with a credit card through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay with a credit card.  Once you engage me through Soundbetter, I will not be able to work with you directly from my website or any other payment system.

      • Fourth - It doesn't cost you anything. SoundBetter doesn't charge you anything as a customer/client.  They do charge me a small commission for jobs and I’m happy to do it because I can get job leads, trust and security, and verified reviews which bring me more business.

    • The other way to engage my services is using the Job Request Form on the “Get Started” page of this True Balance website.  Once I get your Job Request, I’ll come back to you with a quote.  Once we agree on the price, I'll invoice you up front (via Paypal).  I'll send you a secure link to a folder through the MediaFire.com file transfer service where you can upload your tracks. After I do the work, I'll send your preview files (usually MP3s or shortened WAVs) back the same way for your review and approval. We'll work any revisions you may have and once you're happy I'll provide the final files for you to download.

  5. Why should I use True Balance instead of other providers?  The main reason you should use my service is because your satisfaction is my number one goal.  Sure, I’m in business to make money – but I really love what I do – and if you’re not happy, I’m not happy.  I will always do my level best to give you exactly what you’re looking for, and to make your final product the very best it can be.  I love repeat business, and if there’s something I can do to have you coming back to True Balance Mixing & Mastering time after time, then I’m going to give it my all.  I know that clients aren’t always comfortable working with a remote service provider in a virtual environment.  It’s hard to reach out and risk your music with someone you’ve never met.  And it can be personal – after all, your music is something you’ve put your heart and soul into, sometimes for many days or weeks.  I’ve been in the same boat myself as a session musician hiring other performers, and it can be nerve-wracking until you’ve got that great-sounding final track in your hands.  But please remember, I’m here for you.  Without you – I’m out of a job.  So I’m dedicated to your success and the part my service plays in getting you there.

  6. Can I get Revisions?  Yes! I will do up to five free revisions per Service (Editing, Mixing, or Mastering) – after which they are $25 apiece. I will do unlimited revisions on any package deal when you hire me through SoundBetter.com.

  7. Where are you located?  My studio is located in Kitsap County, Washington which is in the Pacific Time Zone, USA.

  8. What are your Terms, Conditions, Refund, Privacy policies?  Please see the Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy links in the footer of every page on this website.